Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Moira's lesson plan*

I just explained polarity to Moira, in the context of her trains. She came to the conclusion that "Polarity isn't nice."

In a similar vein, she would like me to stop erosion so that she can build a castle out of dirt that won't fall down.

She still doesn't understand the difference between letters and numbers.

She recognizes at least half the letters in the alphabet now though, but refuses to admit that she recognizes any of the numbers.

She loves to have me spell words for her, asking "What starts with cat?" Sometimes she just wants the first letter and will usually come up with another word that starts with the same letter. Sometimes she wants me to tell her the rest of the letters too.

She now knows how to spell her name, and loves to write it out, even though all the letters except "o" look the same. Today she made up a little song that went "M. O. I. R. A!"

A sea creature
She has started making representational art, this is a sea creature. She is likes to draw on this white board so that she can erase her mistakes with a paintbrush. I'm not sure if she came up with that on her own or not.

*All of these were self directed lessons. Or things that were bothering her that I then explained. We are planning on letting her lead the way with her learning.

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  1. I like your teaching style, lady! And what a smart kiddo!