Thursday, March 31, 2011


I had a fabulous time in the Doll Quilt Swap on Flickr this round. In the past I've had very quiet partners, whose tastes weren't very similar to mine, and I struggled to figure out what to make for them.
Finished doll quilt
This time I knew exactly what to do. I even had exactly the right fabric already in the house, having bought all the colors of the unicorns from Heather Ross' Far Far Away when they came out, and not managing to figure out what to do with them. They were just waiting for this, I guess.
The only sad part is that she was so specific, and I was so on target that Allie Kat Mom was pretty sure it was for her all along. It was nice to have my partner comment on the quilt every time I posted progress pictures, but I'm thinking I should have made a decoy to post along with it, just to throw her off the trail.
And this is what I got back! Sadly, it looks like I wasn't as good of a partner to Rebecca's Rags. I'm not sure if I commented on this one at all, although I loved it all along. I think it's especially great that she used the same fabric I did.
Moira is always excited about packages, and tries to convince me that the contents are for her every time. I let her win that argument with the last doll quilt I got, since it went perfectly with the sheets I made for her crib, but this one is all mine. I'm going to hang it up in the tv room, as soon as I get over my strange fear of hanging quilts.
I told her she could have the ribbon the package was tied in, and that I would use it on an outfit for her if she wanted.
No pictures!
She decided it was perfect for dancing in, and also for helping her follow me around the house; I have to hold one end and pull her along. Of course, as soon as I started taking pictures she started yelling at me to stop, so you do not get to see her cute ballet moves. Maybe I can talk her into it after nap. Or maybe we will sit down and figure out what to sew the ribbon on to.
Thank you to all the organizers of this swap, and my wonderful partners!

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  1. You made and received a beautiful quilt! Thanks for being a good bebe. :)