Monday, March 14, 2011

The continuing continue

Finally we are back to our regularly scheduled schedule. Walker is back from both his long long business trip and his yearly get away with friends. They used peer pressure to try and convince him to drink Four Loko. It backfired on poor Eric who informed me that it tasted nasty. I'm shocked.
Anyway, he went from a calm and drunken weekend of this
286: PC
straight back to getting up early and putting up with a vaguely crabby wife. I must say, he handles it very well. Right now Moira is screaming "No way! No bath!" at him.
Since so many people have asked, I am feeling much better. My vitamin D levels were super low, and now that we are correcting that I am much less tired and when I'm less tired it's easy to be less anxious.
285: Baby blankets
I even managed to sew while Walker was gone last weekend and got all the little blankets made for the EAP baby shower. And I discovered that when Moira is acting silly and refusing to do something, the best thing I can do is walk away and tell her to let me know when she's ready to brush her teeth/get out of bath/put on jammies/etc. It usually takes about 5 seconds before she shouts "Ready!" and I don't get frustrated. I feel a little silly for not having tried it earlier.
Look at that!
This has been a good start to the week. We got together for coffee with friends we haven't seen in a long time and ran around in the drizzle jumping in puddles. Moira is finally over her dislike of rainboots and puddle stomping. Her poor little friend has sadly just entered the phase where being dirty is scary, so he didn't actually participate much after he fell in the mud, but Moira did her best to get him to have fun with her. She has been so nervous of other kids and had such a hard time sharing and playing with them that I really relish every time she throws herself into playing with friends.

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