Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A beautiful queen!

Moira is currently obsessed with weddings and I have been enjoying her misconceptions about weddings. She says girls wear big dresses, and then they are a queen, and they marry their Daddies (I've been trying to explain the difference between a Daddy and husband, but she really doesn't want to believe me.), then they dance in a castle. Most Indian .'restaurants are castles according to her, as is any fancy looking party in a book.
This morning as we are snuggling in bed, she noticed Walker's ring.
"Daddy has a ring just like you!"
"That's because we are married. He is my husband and I am his wife."
"No Mommy! You are not a queen because you are nakkie! Daddy is wearing jammies so he is getting married."

I think Walker is looking forward to this future wedding Moira is planning for them, if he gets to wear jammies for the ceremony.
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  1. Cute! A is very into weddings and marriage too. Apparently you get to have flowers and smile when you get married. The other day she asked why I married Glenn and I told her he was funny and kind (among other things) and she looked a bit sad and said, "But *I'm* funny and kind, too!" I tried to explain that, yes she was, but I couldn't marry her because she was my daughter.

  2. So funny! My 6 yr old still thinks he can marry me when he grows up.