Monday, February 21, 2011

268: Filling bags
Today some of the ladies from my Mom's group and I got together to start on safe birthing kits for the latest Craft Hope project. Moira woke up with the sniffles, so she went out with Walker. I had already had to reschedule once and I felt like if I did it again, it might not happen.
16 bags
We all had a good time, and we got 16 bags partially assembled (I was supposed to make 16 bags, but I miscounted when I was cutting). We didn't manage to get little soaps, and the lady who made the receiving blankets was unable to make it today, Kimberly and I are also going to try and have a softie making date before the deadline.
Most of the fabric I used for the bags is scraps that Sika brought back from the Peace Corps. Now it's on it's way to Haiti. That's going to be some very well traveled fabric.
I enjoyed hanging out with friends and working on this. I think I will have to make sure I host a crafting play date for the next project too.

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