Thursday, February 24, 2011


271: Snowy frogs
We have managed to miss all possible opportunities to walk in the snow so far this year. Moira was so excited to see that the snow was still there this morning, and she asked if we could go for a walk in the woods.
It's the first time she requested that in a long time, but we had a rough couple of nights the last few nights, and I hadn't really woken up yet and I said no.
Fortunately I realized right away that that was the wrong decision. Other then making a few drivers nervous when we crossed the icy road to get to the woods, the walk was wonderful.
Moira had a lot of fun interacting with the snow, knocking it off bushes, dragging sticks along behind her, stomping in big drifts. Stewie is also a big fan of the snow and has been having a grand time romping around for the last couple of days and getting covered in snow.

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