Thursday, February 10, 2011

Little moments this week

M: When I am a mother I will have 2 kids!
S: How many kids should I have?
M: 4 and Daddy will have 14!

My Mom brought us her copy of Roald Dahl's Revolting Recipes. We read it yesterday (well, the recipe names) and today Moira wanted to show me a recipe in it. She flipped through until she got to the meringue recipe, called Stickjaw for Talkative Parents. "I want Mommy and Daddy to stop talking! I will make this one.

She is concentrating really hard on figuring out the letters, or as she calls them, numbers of the alphabet. She was bending a headband last week and came running up to me holding it with the bow pointing down and said "Look Mommy! I made a Q!" She also keeps telling us that O starts with Moira. This morning, she told Walker that apple starts with A P P.

I would show you our new lights in Moira's room and the kitchen, but I don't want to get the photos off the camera right now. Instead I will show you this.
Legs up
Her teacher says that she can reliably do this flip on her own, along with the next flip they do. I don't remember what either of them is called, but she seemed impressed. Swinging on the bars is Moira's favorite part of gym class right now, and she tells me about it all the time.

We were hoping that gym classes would help her learn to fall and catch herself better since she's such a good climber and jumper. It has, but it has also taught her how to jump more efficiently, so we have had to stop letting her jump on the furniture. She pulled one of the ottomans over the bookshelf in the living room and used leverage to get herself jumping higher. I think a trampoline will be showing up at our house pretty soon.

Around and around
Walker took Monday off from work and we went to the Science Center and rode the Monorail downtown for lunch. Moira's favorite part of the day was seeing two ducks in the pond at the center. She totally played it cool, and earned their trust, and then she fed them lint from her pocket.

We had lunch at Serious Pie. Moira was over tired and refused to try the sausage pizza. Instead she ate the brussel sprout pizza, minus the brussel sprouts. Story time this week was the letter P, and the librarian was asking what everyone liked on their pizza. Moira shouted "Brussel sprouts!" and then lots of the kids agreed that they ALSO liked brussel sprouts on their pizzas. What was even stranger about this, is that Moira usually refuses to participate in any way during story time, but this time she was dancing and everything.

I just cleaned the bathroom, and so now Moira is running around cleaning all the windows. Life could be worse.


  1. Sounds just like the kind of week that a mom needs!

  2. She would fit right in with my boys & the furniture-jumping! :)