Thursday, January 27, 2011

Update! New lessons learned

Moira did indeed successfully deploy her breathing techniques the few times she got worried about a kid playing near her.
And then lunch happened.
I made the mistake of putting the pitas for our sandwiches in her lunchbox, and the tuna fish in mine. My theory was that the excitement about the tuna fish, which she really loves, would outweigh needing to share "her" pitas. Not so much. There was a complete and utter melt down. And unfortunately, the best way to help her calm down in these cases is to remove the problem from her eyesight, which I couldn't really do.
We talked, and I offered lots of options for calming down and her choice was a drive home. And indeed, as soon as we were in the car and she had her lunch, with the extra pitas removed she was completely cheerful.
I didn't actually get to talk to the friend we were meeting, longer then to say goodbye. She pointed out that Moira is almost three and this is what that looks like most of the time. It helps me to remember that she will settle down emotionally a bit soon enough.
And next time I decide to assemble some lunch part on sight, all the ingredients will be in my lunch box, not hers.

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