Monday, January 3, 2011

So, here's what I did in 2010

It occurred to me yesterday that I actually managed quite a bit of crafting this year. Now that I've collected it like this it seems a little crazy that I did all this, although in my defense, most of the quilts were mostly finished before this year started and/or primarily made by other people.
2010's finished quilts
My main quilting goal for 2011? Actually mail off quilts 3, 4 and 5. They are in my linen closet. I would also like to finish at least one of the big purple quilts I'm working on.
2010 clothes for me
My main goal for sewing for me is to learn to make stretch pants. I bought a bunch of 4 way stretch knits for $1 a yard in LA, so I have a lot to practice with. I also need to make a red dress for Norwescon.
2010 clothes for Moira
I need to get Moira more involved in picking out and designing the stuff for her. She (very) recently started refusing to wear dresses, so the little skirt with the mermaids on the hem hasn't been touched. She loves the shirt though.
2010 toys and gifts and the like
I have no goals in this batch, except maybe to actually photograph things before I give them away. I would like to do more charity sewing this year. Maybe that's a goal. I also want to crochet a rug. I guess I do have goals. Heh.

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