Saturday, January 29, 2011

Snip snip

143: Steady hands
Moira is fascinated with scissors lately. She recently figured out, after watching me cut out something for her, that if you push the scissors forward, you can cut all the way through something. Before this she had just been making snips around the outside of her art. Now our house is covered with tiny little pieces of paper.
I am thinking that it's time to work on decorating the little play area in our kitchen, so we stopped to look at paint chips the other day. They didn't have the kind of paint I wanted (low VOC), but I let her pick out some colors anyway, figuring we would return them the next time we went to gym class.
She sat down to work with her scissors after nap that day, and asked for the paint chips, "the colors." I figured this would be a good time to try out precision cutting. I pointed out the white lines separating each color on the strip and asked her to cut along those.
Paint chip collage
She did a pretty good job. When she got bored with cutting, I suggested she make a collage, which she half halfheartedly agreed to. She actually made two, but this one was my favorite. The other one is hanging up in her bedroom now, so I think that one may be her favorite. We still have a few uncut paint chips, and a bunch of cut ones. I'll have to see if she wants to practice precision again later.

For the record, I leave her alone with the safety scissors on a semi regular basis. We've had to have a few conversations about leaving them at the table and most importantly, pointing them away from yourself while you are walking around with them, but she has yet to cut anything other then paper with them. I expect she will try soon enough, or it's possible that she has tried, but her grip isn't strong enough and the blades aren't sharp enough for her to have succeeded. Only time will tell.


  1. We're scissor-happy over here, too! It looks like Moira really has the hang of it. Maybe Evelyn will be there in a month or so. We're still snipping around all of the edges of the paper.

  2. Mikko loooves scissors, has been using real ones since he was 10 months old — causing my heart a few tremors. We use them in our business, so not having them around wasn't really an option. Fortunately, he's really good at cutting and finds precision cutting fun! And, so far, he hasn't cut clothing or hair. Phew! I think Moira did a fabulous job, and I might have to steal your paint chip idea. We're in the midst of dream remodeling, so I'm always picking them up and then not doing much of anything with them. :)

    P.S. Not that you're asking, but I found my favorite safety scissors at the grocery store. They're real all-metal blades but with rounded tips and in a smaller size for little hands. I like them, because they cut paper really well but aren't super dangerous. Mikko likes them because they're more comfortable to hold than our big-people scissors.