Sunday, January 16, 2011

Quilting candy

237: Pirate Pinwheels
I finished this quilt top today. Most of the work was done yesterday, I just had to put the end rows on for it to be finished. Most of the pinwheels were made by the lovely ladies in my quilting group for the 2009 round robin. I was originally thinking it was for on of Walker's nephews, but now I think it will live in our tv room. I have some of the pirate fabric (in the big pinwheel top left corner) and a bunch of the blue watery fabric from the sashing left, so hoepfully that will be enough for the backing.
Then because I've been feeling discouraged a lot lately, like for months, I decided to do some quick easy projects to give away.
Baby quilt
(I forget the line this charm pack is from. It's so girly, but I really like the large scale prints)
Super quick charm quilts to be used as baby playmats! Each of these took maybe a half an hour to assemble, because I didn't have to cut out the fabric, or think much about the layout.
These might end up being presents for all the currently pregnant mothers in our play group, as the yearly baby shower is approaching, but I don't know, would that be weird? It will only happen if I make enough that the last person choosing still gets a choice, and if I can make it clear that my feelings won't be hurt if someone doesn't want one. Do you think this would be weird? I don't know some of these moms at all well.
I finished another top that's more of an eye spy thing, and started yet another one. Making these is instant gratification, I really like that.


  1. I can't imagine why someone wouldn't like those quilts. They are adorable! I don't think it would be a strange thing to offer them at a baby shower - even if you don't know some of the moms well. :)

  2. These are so cute! I love the prints, too!

  3. I think offering them at the shower is great! You could also just give each mom one and tell them that if they want to trade amongst themselves that they can. I'm not preggers, but I'd want one! They're cute!!

  4. I've never met a mom who doesn't love an extra quilt -- especially out of pretty fabric. Don't know if you've finished them yet, but one thing I did with quilts like that was put ribbons on two edges so it could be tied to their stroller or car seat (maybe that was just good in windy Saskatchewan).