Monday, January 17, 2011


I decided the best way to deal with the after holiday crankiness on both our parts was to engage in more activities. First we tried color mixing again which wasn't a huge hit in April, but Moira loved this time. She spent a long time moving colors around, mostly to the point where she filled a few sections of the ice cube tray up completely and then asked for more "paint." I cleaned out and refilled the ice cube tray once, but it was a good 45 minutes before she decided she was done.
233: Tower of cookies
The next day we made playdough for the first time in a long time. She has been asking for this a lot lately, and I've been putting off making more for unknown reasons. This did not hold her attention for as long, which was a bummer since I was canning beans while she played, but she was much more deliberate with the dough. This picture is her stack of cookies. She was also happy to do all the clean up this time, which I think will mean I'm more willing to give her playdough. You know, if the extent of my work is opening the box of toys and handing her the tupperware of dough.
As soon as she was done with her cookies, she wanted to know what I was doing and I when I told her I was making beans, she immediately asked to play with her beans. I found that interesting since she had appeared to totally forget about them in the last few months, and the last few times she played with them, her enjoyment was half hearted at best. This time she was gleeful and told me all about how she would scoop them and pour them. As suggested in the comments on my first post about them, I put a sheet underneath which did help contain the spills. This time, every time beans fell on the sheet, she immediately scooped them back up. I think I had to put two beans back in the box when we were putting them away.
I have also admitted to myself that Moira is going to waste a lot of paper for the next few years, or as Walker rephrased it for me, CONSUME a lot of paper. Thursday and Friday of last week, I printed up some worksheets for her. I can't find the websites I was using now, but they were mostly of the tracing and draw a line from the mommy to baby animal variety. I explain the point of each sheet when I give it to her, but if she wants to draw a circle around everything, or just color on the whole page, I try to let that be okay. I am amused by how many of these worksheets have answer keys, which I suppose makes sense if you are grading a bunch of them at once and need to know what the pattern is 'supposed' to look like, although Moira prefers to not have her lines cross and frequently draws all the way around the page to get from one side to the other. I also didn't 'correct' her when there were lines from both the bunny and the horse to the carrot, since we know for a fact that horses eat carrots. I did point out that the horse eats hay too, so the horse had two lines.
Please close the door
This was something I bought as a Christmas present and then we forgot to set it up. Turns out that was a good idea, since it's much larger then I expected. Moira has decided it is a home for her Polly Pockets, and they like to take naps in there after they get married. I've been trying to explain the difference between a father and a husband to her, since every bride is marrying her father, according to Moira. But then, since each married couple goes to take a nap at "they Nain & Grumpy's house" immediately after the ceremony, we can assume that she doesn't have a realistic idea of what a wedding is all about.
Working on sunshine
I have also been working on a few of my own projects. I intend for this quilt to end up in our tv room so I can stop grabbing the down comforter from the guest room when I get chilly.


  1. Moira cracks me up, I love that her Polly Pockets are getting married and napping at their grandparents' house. Sounds lovely :)

  2. Has anyone ever told you that your kid has personality? :)

    Also, we have a couple books from costco that are the same general kind of thing as the tear off sheets and I'm a fan. They're sold as school workbooks, but I do the same as you of "here's a page, do what you will" and it works well.