Monday, December 20, 2010

Tower of cookies

210: Tower of cookies
I may have too many cookies. Add to this stack the sugar and gingerbread cookies Moira and I made with my Mom. Plus the peaunt butter cups and peppermint bark not pictured here. It turns out that three adults and one mostly self entertaining toddler can churn out a lot of cookies in 12 hours. And we didn't have to run to the store for anything, but only because the last person to arrive stopped on her way.
Moira really doesn't like being messy, so we were unable to convince her to help us much. She was very happy to put the cupcake liners in the trays though. I should have found a recipe that called for painting the cookies, since she liked that part so much on our first cookie baking day.
208: Ornament take two
This is our second attempt at making ornaments this year. They are much cuter then the first ones we made, although they turned out much bigger then I expected, and Moira didn't actually have much to do with them, other then picking out the paper and pictures. Oh well, maybe next year.

Lately she has been pretending to be a baby, to the point where she peed in her pants a couple of times, because, she says, babies don't go in the potty. I pointed out that babies also don't eat, jump or visit friends. Now she checks with me with everything she wants to do. Do babies play with balloons? Not really. Do babies eat chips? No. Do babies snuggle? Yes. Sometimes she tries to convince me that babies do do something she really likes doing, but usually she accepts it and moves on.
She's also at the stage where is standing on everything. The side of the laundry basket, the power supply for my laptop, books, balls, stuffed animals, etc. It makes life more interesting I guess.


  1. I had too many cookies too, but tonight I gave most of them away to the neighbors. Molly has been telling me that she's a baby and "too little" for things too - especially if I suggest that she try using the potty.

  2. I need more neighbors. There are only 6 houses on my street, including me.

  3. Your neighborhood is bigger than that, Shannon. For example, there's the very nice man who works so hard on building an extravagant decoration for Halloween and Christmas. He deserves a plate of cookies and a thank you for sharing that wonder with his neighbors. :0)