Monday, December 13, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

It's starting to look more like Christmas inside the house now. Stockings are hung by the fire, and Moira keeps filling them with marbles and pom poms. I've even been singing "Oh Christmas Tree" at naptime, which is so far Moira's favorite carol. Possibly because I forgot the real words and made up my own. I wasn't too far off though.
204: Right here
With Pearl's help, we got the tree up on Saturday. Moira was very careful with which ornaments went where. Pearl and I were very careful that all the breakable went up out of her reach.
206: Painting
Today my Mom came over and we made cookies. Moira was very interested in watching us use the cookie cutters, but she didn't want to get her hands messy by actually touching the dough. We made paint box cookies (shown here) which Moira really enjoyed. She didn't understand the point of icing and decorating the gingerbread cookies, preferring instead to just lick the sprinkles off her fingers. She is very proud of her cookies, regardless of how much she actually had to do with their creation.
Necklace for me!
After nap we finished our ornaments. I'd show you a picture, but I'm not happy with how they turned out. Since I went crazy buying large plastic beads, I asked Moira if she wanted to string beads for awhile. She was happily occupied for over an hour, and made three necklaces and one very large bracelet. This is the necklace she made for me.
While she worked, she informed me that she wanted a kitty and that Daddy was bringing one home. I gave him a heads up that he was going to be disappointing her, and that she was making a necklace to thank him, but she decided instead that the necklace was meant to go in his stocking so she could surprise him during dinner with it. He kept wearing it, even after she told us that we can't wear necklaces while we eat.

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  1. This age is so hilarious. They are just full of arbitrary rules and plans.