Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I am a genius

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Moira and I made a star for our tree, and after we had completely covered it in glitter, she still wanted to do art. I grabbed one of our egg cartons and filled each compartment with paint.
She loved it. She spent 45 minutes painting three pictures and the egg carton itself. You can see from her first painting that she has also moved onto the next phase of toddler painting, which means that all the colors didn't end up swirled together into toddler brown.
I can't really claim that my fabulous idea was responsible for her concentration. She's been thoroughly entranced by process with a lot of things lately, including painting, beading and mopping the floor. As long as I remember to leave her alone and not tell her how to do it 'right' she is entranced. I did intervene a little while she was mopping, every time she held the button down for longer then a few seconds, but since our Swiffer bottle is now filled with vinegar and water, I wasn't too concerned about it.
She has also started pointing out the letter "S" to me whenever she notices it and telling me that it says "ssssssss." Walker says she recognizes "O" and probably a couple of other letters the same way, but I haven't noticed yet.

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  1. The egg carton idea *is* genius! Painting is a bit hit in our house too, though we're still spending a good deal of time dipping the brush between paint and water and forgetting the paper.