Saturday, November 27, 2010

We went on a trip

To California
184: I am sitting still
Moira was very excited to go to the airport. The beach was not a big hit though.

She said this approximately a billion times in the last few weeks, but it took five takes to get her to say it one video.
Does that look fun?
Disneyland was very crowded, so she kept asking to go back to the hotel, or asking us to make the other people go away. We also made the mistake of taking her on the Pinocchio ride, which is the scariest one in Fantasyland. Oops.
187: Retail only
Walker and Moira drove me around to a couple of discount fabric stores. Now I have a lot of knits to play with.
Sausage cake!
Thanks to Walker's aunt Pickle, we got to have a date night while we were there. These sausages were very good. I had apricot/ginger ones. Yum.
Walker's brother and his wife had us all over for Thanksgiving, which was nice. And Aaron didn't even complain when Walker and Emily played with their Wii for a couple of hours forcing him to miss the stunning turn around in the football game that was playing.
I'm ready!
On our last full day in LA, Moira had obviously reached her limit of happiness. There was a lot of disrupted sleep, missed naps, and strange places. We decided to take her to Griffith Park for a good chunk of the day. I think we will have to make that park a regular stop on our future visits.
190: Too tired
This is what happened on our way to pick up Stewie after landing in Seattle. Poor Moira was even too tired and cranky for pizza tonight. We are all glad to be home.