Friday, November 5, 2010

A view of 3 months, by Moira

I just cleaned the photos off the point and shoot, which is almost exclusively used by Moira lately. I will have trouble convincing her to let me use it on our trip for Thanksgiving. I now present, a photo essay by Moira. September-today.
Cast iron pan
She climbed on the island to get this one. She will do anything for her art. No idea how she got that blue rectangle in there, although it's possible that's an actual building block.
Self portrait
Obviously, she's well prepared for a Facebook/MySpace page.
Moira's feet
I think she was actually trying to get a picture of the ceiling here, but I love her little curled in legs.
Front door
She was taking pictures for at least a half an hour on this day. She ran all over the house saying "I know!"
She really wanted to take a picture of me today. I think this one is actually pretty good. Most of this shoot is close up pictures of my leg.


  1. Okay, that is just plain cool. I love the blue in the first one. And her toes. :D Such great shots!

  2. Awesome! There are some really nice shots!

  3. Wow, they look great! And is it possible the blue block is the reflection of the transom window in your kitchen?

  4. Cool! Alexa loves taking pictures too. She loves my point and shoot.

  5. Rane! I think you must be right. Thank you for solving my mystery.

  6. I got a new camera for Christmas last year and let Jenna officially have my old point and shoot. She never let me use it anyway. Nice pics Moira! I love it when they get one that looks like a grown-up took it.