Monday, November 1, 2010

This is Halloween

I haven't been in a picture taking mood lately, and the few I did take are still on the camera, so you will just have to trust me.
This year Halloween was a much greater success then last year. We started with the Google Halloween party which was the ideal trial for Moira. Bright lights, familiar place, and oddly, no scary costumes, even on the other kids. She started out clinging to Walker and refusing to look at anyone, but after the first dozen or so candies she got braver and braver, eventually running from person to person and actually saying "Trick or treat!" and "Thank you!" We hit every floor in both buildings and then headed home with a full pumpkin.
We headed up to Canada for what was most likely our last Halloween with the Martins. Their youngest is now a teenager and soon they won't have any trick or treaters in the house. We will leave them to parties and haunted houses and find good places to have Halloween fun at home. We also agreed on a new weekend for us to go up and visit each year, so they still get their toddler dose.
Moira was not so sure about trick or treating at night so we started slow. Despite the fact that there were a lot of scary masks, she warmed up to it quickly again. She refused to walk on her own, but she continued to say "Trick or Treat!" and eventually got the hang of "Happy Halloween!" She also outlasted the teenagers, mostly because she was being carried I'm sure, and came back with another full pumpkin. Plus Forrest and Jade both had uncomfortable footwear.

We don't limit sweets in our house, other then to just not have it around most of the time. With the exception of when she had food allergies, we don't eat things that we don't want her to eat. Partly because that keeps me honest about the amount of junk I'm eating, and partly because we eat well enough that I don't think the odd sugar binge is going to cause her major health issues. It's an old wive's tale that sugar makes kids hyper; there have been studies proving that it's either a difference in parental perception, the excitement of the day, and sometimes an allergic reaction to artificial colors and dyes.
Walker and I were discussing how we are going to handle her new candy stash. She gets to eat as much of it, as often as she wants, until it is gone. The few exceptions are the same limits I put on all snacks, not in the half hour before meals, make sure you are eating a wide variety of foods. This lead to Walker joking about making sure you alternate crispy chocolates with caramel chocolates with lollipops.
This year, we plan to help her out with it, but we won't next year since she will likely have a better idea of how much candy she has. She also has a LOT of candy thanks to the double trick or treating. It's very cute when she asks for some candy because she says "Please may I have a trick or treat snack?" How can you say no to that?
I may post pictures tomorrow. I haven't decided if I'm participating in NaBloPoMo or not yet. I certainly didn't prepare for it in any way.


  1. Aw, I also love the toddler request for a piece of Halloween candy. We don't refuse either-- it is such a rarity.

  2. I wonder if I should do NaBloPoMo this year, now that it's been mentioned again. I'm technically on track (at the moment) and I'm seriously thinking of getting happy-clicker going again.

    Look, here I am commenting after saying I never leave comments!