Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Random Tuesday: I can't even spell, why am I editing things?

Words I always misspell, but am constantly using anyway. Consistently, unsuccessfully, definitely. I frequently mangle definitely so badly that the spell checker just guesses random words that start with de.
Well hello there Tuesday! It's been awhile.
Moira is feeding her dragon puppet tea (while it's on my hand). Every time she does, she asks me to "Say it defreshing!" She seems to mean 'refreshing,' but I love that she has mixed it up with delicious.
It will make me inexplicably sad that Moira no longer says "Bookmarket" when she is talking about bookmarks.
I will also be very sad when she stops asking for comfort sucking by asking for "Fingos!" I think it's even cuter that when we are listing body parts, she pronounces fingers correctly.
I am trying to see if having diaper free time (with panties!) encourages Moira to use the potty. Last week, she peed on the floor in front of the potty, while helping her stuffed panda go on the toilet. So close, but so far.
Moira adjusts to time changes really well. When we went to Michigan for the wedding, our plan was to keep her on Pacific Time. Instead, she insisted on going to bed around 8:30 Michigan time the first day, and had no time confusion after that. We just skipped nap on the trip home, and she had no confusion about the change back. I feel guilty admitting this when so many other parents are having a hard time getting their kids to adjust to Daylight Savings time.
I only ever feel guilty about really random things now. It's a nice change from my early 20s when I felt guilty about everything.
I have accepted two volunteer positions that involve editing my own work. I'm a decent editor for other people, but it's so much harder to edit myself. I figured that sewing this weekend would help me feel more confident, since it's something even I admit I'm good at. Instead, I spent most of the time thinking some variation of "(Recipient) will hate this! Why am I even bothering? I suck." And then arguing with myself because that was a silly thing to be thinking. That wasn't really relaxing.
Yesterday at the grocery store, Moira started mimicking the way I try to get her attention when I'm saying something important. "Look at me while I talking Mommy!" This is a major reversal from what she usually asks when she's talking, which is "Don't listen Mommy! Don't listen." She quickly decided that I should look at her with my back, instead of my face, so order was restored to our universe.
Also yesterday, Moira found some of her artwork in the recycling bin. She's found it there before and always just pulled it out. Today she tracked me down and asked "Why you throw my art away Mommy?" She didn't think it made any difference when I pointed out that I had recycled it, so it can turn into new paper for Moira to make art on. I guess this means I should to be more respectful of her art now.
Did I mention that her current works are one big circle drawn all the way around the page with nothing in the middle? Usually they are ghosts, but sometimes it's Mimi. I can usually convince her to draw on the other side, but not always. It drives me crazy, and I have to mentally repeat "This isn't a waste of paper," over and over.
Did I mention the two giant boxes of different weight paper in the basement that I got for free? Those trees are already dead, Shannon. Just let her use the paper.

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  1. My son's found his artwork in the bin, that was a tough explanation.

  2. My oldest does not allow me to throw out her art. When she finds it in the recycling she retrieves it with a "No thank you, Mom." I feel exactly the same guilt reaction when the kids tear through paper with barely a scribble.

    Also, the bit where you look at your daughter with your back, at her request, is fab.

    Happy RTT, Nicole (Ninja Mom)

    I really enjoyed your RTT. I like your voice.

  3. You're right, it isn't a waste of paper (but it is hard to get toddlers to use both sides sometimes!) :)