Monday, November 29, 2010

Moira recommends: Books that surprise me

Monster Night at Grandma's House by Richard Peck - Kid is staying with Grandma and is convinced that there is a monster at night. The reason it surprises me that Moira likes it is that 1)The art is very minimalist and not terribly engaging and 2)The book is scary. I suppose she's using this book to help her learn to deal with her anxiety whenever something scary is happening. I think it's actually working, if that's the case, because her fears seems to be popping up less often.
Albert's Toothache by Barbara Williams. There is a new version of this titled Albert's Impossible Toothache, with color illustrations. This one has simple black and white illustrations. Moira is suddenly really into this book, and I'm not sure why. I like that the moral of the story is that you should listen to your children, and ask questions rather then assuming that what you think they are saying is what they are saying.
The Best Christmas Ever by Chih-Yuan Chen. Father has lost his job and there is no money for Christmas presents. The youngest member of the family makes sure that Santa brings something loved and lost to every member of the family so they can still have a happy Christmas. I find this book incredibly depressing, but Moira loves it. I like the way it takes a step back from Santa as an actual gift giver and uses Santa as a spirit of giving instead.

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  1. I think it's so amazing how kids use books to work through their own feelings sometimes. E is really into a book that involves a character being scared and she's been on a "that's scaring me"/ "I'm scaring you" kick lately.