Tuesday, November 2, 2010

As promised

Ready to trick or treat
Waiting for trick or treating at Google. We only convinced her to put the hood up 1 minute on actual Halloween. The rest of the time, she looked like this.
Cuddling with Daddy because she heard that Jade was putting on her hippie costume. Nothing was scarier then the hippie costume to her. She kept asking Jade to take it off.
Happy halloween!
The hood! I don't actually blame her for not wanting it on. In order to keep all that weight on her head, the elastic is really tight around the face.


  1. Cute! I love the giraffe costume. I was really surprised Bubby did so well with his hood on...I was sure it was going to be a bust.

  2. Adorable! Jack was really excited about his octopus, but then will only wear it watching tv. His "outside" costume is the ladybug, while octopus is for "inside."

  3. What a sweet costume. I love it!