Monday, October 18, 2010

So it goes, and goes, and goes

On Saturday, I slipped on the stairs and bruised my tailbone. Funnily, the last time I did this, I was holding a toddler and didn't end up with more then a little bruise on my leg. This time I'm pretty laid out, and have lots of fun medication to help me with the pain. I'm glad it happened on a Saturday, so that Walker was here for the next day and I could take it easy.
On Sunday, our water heater broke. And it turns out that the water heater we had is against code for being in the bathroom we built around it. So we still have no hot water, and now we have to wait for an electrician to put in a new panel in there so we can get an electric heater rather then a gas one. We are hopeful that we can get this done tomorrow, but it seems unlikely.

Monster wreath
I did manage to do some sewing over the weekend and early last week. After last Halloween I saw this wreath and knew we needed it for our house. Moira was happy to help me glue the big eyes on. She got a little scared for a bit when I started sewing it together, but I told her that it was a friendly monster who would tell other monsters to leave our house alone. She seems pretty happy with our decorations so far. Definitely better then the nothing from last year.
Pearl helped me take pictures of the things I've sewn for me lately. I had a shirt that I loved that was made of really thin material that also had a faint stain on it. I managed to save the embroidered pockets from it when I cut it apart to use as a pattern to make this. I'm happy with the plaid fabric as it's nice and light. I also really like the green polka dot fabric I used for the binding around the neck.
New dress
I believe I've mentioned before that all my shirts get little holes near the hem from rubbing against the buttons on my jeans when I'm carrying Moira. I was hoping it would be getting better now that I carry her less, but it seems to be getting worse as she gets heavier. I had the shirt that is the top part of this dress for a week before it got holey. The skirt part was from a dress that wasn't flattering on top that has been in my sewing room for most of a year waiting for me to do something with it. I think they work perfectly together, and I'm really glad that I was able to reuse the blue shirred waist from the original dress. I've worn this a lot since I fixed it.
Nother new dress
The shirt for this dress became holey almost as quickly as the green one above. I liked the neckline a lot, so I wanted to keep it pretty simple. I'm not as pleased with this one. Originally I just sewed a slightly a line skirt from the lighter teal fabric on, but it was a little too baggy and shapeless. I added some rows of shirring and now it's a little too tight. I've worn it a few times any way, with a jacket on top and I think I like it best that way.

Hopefully we will have hot water, and I will be able to sit again soon. I miss my sewing room, and I have a couple of other holey shirts waiting for me to turn them into slightly longer non holey shirts. I also want to make the family matching jammies for the fall.

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  1. Hope your tushie feels better! :( Love your creations! Cute halloween wreath!!!