Sunday, October 3, 2010

Neighbor of the beast

My last post was post number 666. Awesome.
It's not Tuesday, so this post isn't truly random, but it is kind of more random because it's not on random day.
137: I sit here and think about slugs
Willow took Moira to the park on Friday so I could be alone for a bit, and when I went to pick them up, we went for a walk in the woods. The last time we walked in these woods we saw a LOT of slugs. This time we only saw three or four, and Moira was sad about that. So instead of actually seeing slugs, she would sit for awhile an announce "I sit here and think about slugs." Then she would sigh.
138: Dark and Stormy!
Walker and I got to go on a date yesterday and the restaurant had my favorite rum drink, actually made with the classic Bermuda ingredients. I had two.
Tonight Willow's parents come to pick her up, and I will miss her. She will probably miss Civ 5. We are taking them and my parents out for Ethiopian food. There are a lot more Ethiopian restaurants in Seattle then last time I looked (5 years ago?). Hopefully this one compares favorably to the Queen of Sheba.


  1. Rum drinks, Civ 5, and the Queen of Sheba ... You just listed three of my favorite things. :)

    Moira sounds so cute with the slugs!

  2. It's too bad we can't play Civ 5 as the Queen of Sheba.

  3. I once got lost in what I would describe as Seattle's "Little Ethiopia". . . there were tons of restaurants! I hope you enjoy the dinner out.