Friday, October 8, 2010

Je ne suis pas canadien-français

I got a lot done today, although it doesn't feel like I have much to show for it. Moira and I went shopping with friends, I put the laundry away, I tidied (including some in my sewing room), I made dinner (and posted about it here!), I finally wrote a draft post somewhere I haven't actually started posting yet.
And my inlaws are in town now for Walker's birthday party this weekend. Tomorrow will be filled with more cleaning and cooking a psuedo Canadian Thanksgiving meal (Turkey, Poutine, Butter Tarts...). Admittedly, we only have to cook two of those things, and make a salad and a mocktail. It's been so long since I had Poutine, I'm looking forward to that the most.
Moira and I spent the beginning of the week at my Aunt's cabin near Ocean Shores. It was a good combo of in the middle of nowhere, but still with electricity, and hot water. Moira even got to watch a movie, and Mika and I got to do a puzzle.
143: Meta coloring
Moira was pretty happy to be back at home, lack of movies not withstanding. She immediately started exploring her art supplies in new ways. Here, you can see her coloring on her crayons with her oil pastels. She also drew all over the boxes we keep her art supplies.

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