Thursday, September 23, 2010

Two out of three ain't bad

Halloween dress
I managed to get two out of three things I had lined up to work on this week. I made this dress yesterday because if I was going to only manage to get one thing done before the start of October, I wanted it to be the Halloween one. I used Simplicity 3511 and top stitched with black thread. I really like how that turned out on the white ribbon.
Walker took today off work to help pack for the wedding we are going to this weekend and to take Moira to her first dentist appointment. We also ended up picking up a large number of free apples and pears, and then we still had more then half the day for packing. My original plan had been to let Moira help pack, but she's obsessed with packing lately and convinced that we need to pack everything in the house. Apparently she wants us to move? We keep trying to explain that we aren't going to be gone that long, but it just lead to a giant meltdown today.
So instead, Walker took her to play and I did most of the packing in a few minutes, so after nap I had time to make this dress (it was already cut out). I used Simplicity 2907, which was nice, but I ended up buying an extra half a yard, and I still didn't have enough fabric to cut out the skirt part without piecing. When she saw me taking it outside to take a picture, she wanted to wear it "Right now Mama!" but I told her we should save it for our trip tomorrow, and she liked that idea.
Walker finally got to see the full strength day long toddler meltdown today. Usually the novelty of Daddy being home is enough to keep her annoyances and demands to a minimum, but I guess that luck is wearing off. It will be nice to know that he has a better idea what I'm talking about when I tell him it was "that kind of day."


  1. Sorry you had " that kind of day." We did too.

    I love the dresses!

  2. I like it when my husband gets to see what my girls are capable of dishing out too. After he's been exposed to it, I usually get a more sympathy and understanding from him.

  3. CUTE dresses!!! You are very talented!