Thursday, September 9, 2010

Project time!

I bought a couple of Martha Stewart kid's craft kits at Big Lots awhile ago. They are meant for much older kids to do on their own, but I figured it would be good for us to do them together on days when I didn't have any good ideas, and Moira was bored.
We tried the first one last month, making animals out of pipe cleaners. It turned out to be well beyond my capabilities. Fortunately, Moira didn't care if they looked like the picture on the package, or if they even actually looked like animals. We still have half the package which I will pull out at some point.
Moira asked to do a project today, so I pulled out the paper bag puppet kit. This was much easier to do, and Moira was even able to help stick the bits on. She was a little disappointed that the bags were too small to fit on my hands, but she had a good time feeding them marbles, and running around with them on her hands. I think the rest of these will get made pretty soon.


  1. What a fun project! I think I'll get a kit or two to keep for "emergencies"/ rainy days.