Monday, September 20, 2010

Poor timing

I signed up to participate in Elsie Marley's Kid's Clothes Week Challenge this week. But I also bought 50 lbs of tomatoes and decided it was time to give up on the tomatoes we grew ripening anymore. This is what my sink looked like yesterday.
125: Sinkful
That's just the stuff from our yard. I now have 14 quarts of tomato sauce and approximately 22 pints of green tomato salsa. Today I need to finish off the green tomatoes by making green tomato ketchup. I also have to finish turning 15lbs of Roma tomatoes into sundried tomatoes, and I bought a few more pickling cucumbers to turn into garlic dills. Obviously, I didn't do any sewing yesterday. I might be able to do some tonight, maybe. We leave for Michigan on Friday and so I really only have three days to do a week's worth of sewing. I'll see what I can get done, but it's pretty obvious that the answer is "not much."
126: WIP
I did get stuff cut out over the last few weeks. And I will get them finished. Just not now.

I filled my big pot with cut up tomatoes for ketchup and that used less then half the tomatoes left. There's no way I have time to do multiple batches, so I'm giving the rest to my lovely canning friend, Kimberly. I think if I'd had these things before and knew we liked them, I could rustle up the energy to do it, but I haven't and so I won't. If I like it enough I may purposely ignore my tomatoes next year.

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