Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Make a statement

114: Cahoge!
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I finally found the kind of glue sticks I was looking for at a reasonable price, so I reintroduced the concept of collage to Moira. She loves it. She has asked to make "cohage" (with "boogoo," it took Walker to figure out that that meant glue) every day for a week now. I pulled up my old box of things torn from magazines for her to play with, so she is now expressing her angst with my former angst. This is what having a kid is all about, right?
I have a bunch of quilts I need to take pictures of, one I finished and the rest are family heirlooms from Walker's family, but I think I put it off too long. We have hit the rainy season. I may have to get creative.
Over the last three days I quilted a baby quilt intended for someone who is now in elementary school. I think it may be more for his mom then him now. Add that to the list of things I need to get pictures of.

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