Monday, September 27, 2010

Congratulations AJ & Tricia!

Four way teeter totter
We went to Walker's brother's wedding this weekend, which involved two full days of travel in three days. Moira was a rockstar, and only complained a little at the end of both days of travel. She even kept her cool pretty well despite not having a nap two days in a row.
I'm sure it helped that we met up with Aunt Pickle at the Detroit airport, so there was someone new to talk to for the 3 hour drive to Cass City. We also tried to make sure that she got some running around time whenever possible.
This is a playground that Walker used to play on when he was a kid. They haven't updated it, although it looks like they have been keeping the paint touched up. The whole thing looked like a safety hazard, so of course I love it. We didn't stay very long because it started raining right after Moira had finally decided that she wanted to try this out, and poor Pickle isn't used to the rain.
Happy bride!
My sisters in law are awesome (only two of whom are shown here, but all of them are awesome). They are definitively too awesome to spend much time on the internet, so they probably won't read this, but I had to say it anyway. I always wish we lived closer to them, or rather, that they lived closer to us.
The wedding was beautiful. I was very glad not to be a bridesmaid, since it started raining again shortly after I took this picture, and the poor bridesmaids were miserable. The bride and groom wisely brought an umbrella, so they were fine.
Moira was so excited for this trip. She spent the last two weeks constantly packing everything in the house, and asking to see pictures of her cousins. The actual reality of cousins was too much for her to handle though, so she spent the first half of the party hiding on me and Walker and the second half of the party running around by herself. She did eventually play with two little boys who she happily proclaimed to be cousins. I'm pretty sure that the whole concept of what makes someone a cousin is way above her head right now. Hopefully the next time we go, she will be more into the actual reality.
133: Bubbles!
Also hopefully the next time we go out there will be sooner then 3 years. Hopefully Amber will give us a good excuse soon, and actually have the wedding she's been planning. Of course, AJ & Tricia have been talking about it for 8 years, and she's only been talking about it for 5 or 6, so she has some time.

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