Thursday, August 26, 2010

These are all things I encourage.

So yeah, I reorganized Moira's drawers so that things are no longer in matching outfits (which she was ignoring) and now grouped by type (shirts, pants...).
Dressing herself
This is what she looked like after our playdate on Tuesday where I was passing out extra flannel. She found this green fat quarter and insisted on taking off her shirt and wearing it instead. She was upset that it wasn't bigger so I couldn't actually tie it around her torso. But this was acceptable.
Take my picture Daddy!
This is what she insisted on wearing after nap on the same day. She has never noticed this dress before despite it being in her closet for about half a year. "I fancy!" I asked if I could take her picture and she agreed. Then when we got home from running our errands, she announced that Daddy was also going to take her picture. And he did. I was getting dinner together while they were doing that in the living room, but it was funny to listen to. "Like this Daddy! I spin!" She also requested he take some pictures of her dolls.
102: Books
She's been getting frustrated when trying to find a book she wants (especially at bedtime). Her bookcase is just so full. Today after nap, we went through one bookshelf and I asked her which books should stay on the shelf and which we should put away for later. This is what she chose to put away from that one shelf. It's less then half what was on there originally. After we were done with that and she was busy playing, I went through her board books again. I've done that at least 3 times in the last couple of months because that bookcase is also getting full and she is having trouble getting books out. This time I was actually ruthless and pulled out the books she has never wanted us to read, or that I really hate. I managed to pull out about 1/3 of those and they are now waiting to go to Goodwill, hopefully before she finds them.
Today Moira was drinking from her tea cup in her kitchen and she told me this story. "I like playing with balls. At Google. Which means I'm hungry. At Google. I'm hungry at Google, Dada do snack." After she was done with her tea she held the cup out and said "I'm done! That means I'm thirsty!"
Oh, and if you were wondering, today's second outfit is a teal tshirt, navy blue cowgirl skirt with fringe, rainbow leggings and shark socks.


  1. Watch out. That's how I organize Jenna's clothes and you've seen some of her combos :-)

  2. I love the cape and boots together. :)