Friday, August 20, 2010

Hello ocean

Look at me!
Continuing our jam packed summer of fun and things to be done, Moira and I took off for Westport for a three day trip with friends. Walker stayed home so he could work, and have some alone time, ie; play Red Dead Redemption. I would never have considered doing this by myself, but with adult company, it was a perfectly wonderful thing. Too bad as we drove toward the coast, the sky turned dark and it was scheduled to not break 60 for the whole time we were there.
It was perfect kite flying weather though, and Moira got to hold her kite all by herself. Sika kept trying to convince us that we should let her hold the dragon kite by herself too, but that one was strong enough to actually carry her off, so she was out voted on that one.
Water girl
The cold weather didn't stop our water loving teen from spending most of the time we were at the beach in the water. We had to keep calling her back and reminding her that non of us were strong enough swimmers to save her.
It was also good weather for the bubbles Pearl brought. You just had to hold the wand in the air and bubbles came whipping out. It took Moira a long time to figure out how to do that, so I ended up with lots of bubble stuff on my face and in my mouth, leading her to decide that "Momma no like bubbles."
There's not a lot to do in Westport, it being an unpopular part of the Ocean Shores area. We spent our second morning there looking around downtown and most of us bought sweatshirts, since none of us packed for the wind and minor rain showers we were encountering.
There were very few kid sweatshirts for sale, and I only managed to find two extra small ones, which is still too big for Moira this year, but it should be perfect next year. We went back to the beach after everyone had a nap, and this time managed to convince Moira to take off her shoes and dig in the sand a little. She's really not a big fan of getting dirty, and I had to repeatedly remind her that we were at the beach and that meant we were going to get sandy. I also had to explain why sandals have holes in them, because she wanted to wear her close toed shoes every time we went. Now whenever she sees her sandals she tells me. "Sand goes in one, comes out two holes!"
Clever disguise
Lately every time I instigate any fun activity, like tickling or kissing or zerberts, Moira says "No like that game Mommy!" until I stop. It was nice to see that she was sometimes okay with "people" (other adults, "friends" refers only to kids right now) starting games. She started playing peek a boo with her dress, and Pearl turned it into a tickling game that they played for a good five minutes.
The hotel we stayed at was not one I'd recommend. We were expecting a certain amount of shabbiness, but we were not expecting the manager to have anger management issues. When the 6 of us checked in we only had one tiny pot to cook in, so Sika asked if he had a bigger pot and a pan we could use. He stormed off and started searching all the other rooms. When he came to give us the largest pot and pan he found he launched into this long diatribe about guests stealing the pots out of the room and a $800 pan set he's lost because of that. Later when we ran out of dish soap and asked for more, the whole thing was repeated, minus the story about the $800 pans. I suggested he keep an inventory, but he just laughed and walked off.
A house!
Our final day was supposed to be cold and deary again, but the sun decided to make an appearance instead. We spent the morning after checking out at the beach. Moira really got into it this time, only complaining a few times about sand on her body. She got really into making sand castles, or as she insisted sand houses. Pearl even had this egg shaped thing which Moira could fill, turn upside down and uncover all on her own. She never actually sat down in the sand, that would have been a step too far.
I didn't get any pictures of them, but there were a lot of millipedes who lived in the grass by the bath from the parking lot to the beach. They really liked the cloudy weather, so every walk that was just the two of us involved a lot of stopping to check them out. I expected her to be scared of them like she is of worms, but she thought they were awfully cool.
Quarium train
After lunch we went to check out the Aquarium which was closed the day we bought sweatshirts. It was teeny, but they had baby sharks that still had their yolks attached, so I thought it was well worth it. As soon as Moira saw this train set, she didn't want to see anything else, which was fine since it was all one room, so the rest of us wandered around and looked at the exhibits and were able to keep her in eye sight.
We timed the drive home for nap time, which worked well for everyone, except Moira. When Sika fell asleep next to her, she just played quietly by herself for an hour, until I noticed she was pouring juice on Shannie's hand and then drinking it out of her hand. Even after I made her stop, she was in a good mood for most of the rest of the drive, at least she was until she realized we were leaving Sika and David at Sika's house.
I'm so glad we did this. Moira and I both had a great time. I hope our friends had a good time too.


  1. It sounds like a wonderful vacation! I wish my 2 year old was a little less inclined to get dirty. But it sounds like Moira warmed up to playing in the sand. :)

    My husband was playing Red Dead Redemption recently too.

  2. Jenna hates getting dirty! In Hawaii, she only sat on the towel on the sand, had to be carried to the towel, and wouldn't wear her sandals without socks for the first 5 days. Glad yoou had a wonderful time! When David is older and I have a handle on being a mommy of 2, we should try a trip together!