Monday, August 2, 2010

Guess the book

We have been checking out board books to keep in the car for over a year now. Since she started being able to request specific books, she's always referred to each book by one name. Baby book, bath book, uh oh book... After the first time through, I could always tell which book she was asking for.
Last week we went to the library and returned a bunch of books. She was quickly bored with the new books she checked out, and kept asking for one of the books from the last batch that she had called monster book. She missed it so much, we went back to the library a couple of days later, returned the books we had, and I told her to look carefully for the monster book. She ended up with a stack, which did not include the original book, although she was sure the right book was in her stack.
This week, she's started referring to each of the books by a variety of names. I'm always having to ask for clarification, or holding up a random book and asking if that's what she's asking for, or making an educated guess.

These are the books we have checked out, right now.
Little Gorilla
Spot Bakes A Cake
Click Clack ABC

These are some of the names she's called them.
(Snoring sound, repeated twice)
Monster book
I worried mess!

Can you guess which is which? I will give you Opposites, which I was calling the hippo book, and then she said, "No Mommy, Opposite book."

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