Sunday, August 15, 2010


I get very excited whenever Moira's play takes a new and unexpected direction. She loves to have me dress and undress her Polly Pockets and put them to sleep. On this day, she decided to line them all up and then she asked for the camera so she could take their picture. She took this shot and then did a little rearranging and adding to the lineup. Sadly, she got distracted and ran off without taking a picture of her new arrangement.
Parking lot
Her other favorite new game right now is parking lot. She drives all her vehicles from the bedroom to the living room (or back again) and lines them up. Usually they are side by side, but this was the first time the were parked end to end like that. She even started a second row when she ran out of room.
I guess I forgot one other new creative play development.
Mimi is coming too!
Boxes! These two boxes were beds for her dolls, suitcases, an obstacle course and then a train. Thanks for sending packages Pick!


  1. Cool new games are always fun! :D

  2. It's definitely fun to see what new ideas they can come up with!