Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Quilt block

After I finished the last three quilts I posted about, I finally allowed myself to start a new project. First I started working on assembling the blocks from the Threads Together quilting bee that are destined to be a quilt for our guest room. But then I realized I was missing blocks from one person when the lovely Jennicakes sent out an email checking in on everyone. Also, I didn't have enough of my sashing fabric to go around each block, so those went back in their box.
Then I wanted to work on the steampunk music quilt but the gear instruments are much bigger then I was expecting and I'm not sure my original plan will work with the fabric, so it went back into it's box.
Finally I got to work on this project which is the one I was most excited about. But I figured out after cutting out the first four rows that there was no way I had enough of each fabric to continue my plan all the way to the edges. Plus, I had originally intended to do it as part of a challenge we have been talking about in my quilt group. I'd given up on that actually starting, but Margaret agreed to buy the challenge fabric so we could start it next month. I've gotten about half of this quilt figured out, but I should wait so that I can fully integrate the challenge fabric with the rest of them, so today I forced myself to pack this one back away.
I did get the back put on Etienne's quilt, and the ladies in my quilt group helped me figure out how to quilt it. But I have to unbaste it so I can iron the front and back really well before I can baste it together so I can quilt it. That's probably not going to happen in the projected heat anytime soon.
As I was packing away the last of my interrupted starts today I decided this means I should work on something non quilty, so I did some gift sewing and got stuff cut out to alter one of Moira's shirts that has a mysterious hole in it into a romper. I also want to make her a skirt, with pockets of course, because she is very sad when there are no pockets in her outfit. She probably needs a couple more bloomers for her dresses, since she can't wear tights as often in the summer. And maybe I could actually work on something for me too. We shall see.

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