Monday, July 12, 2010

I bad mood, Mommy

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Moira had a big weekend, with the end of the heat wave, and eating outside or downstairs, and parties and farm tots and picnics. She is also, we've discovered, waking up when she pees at night (and during nap), so we are trying to encourage her to pee before bed. It's not really working yet, so it's just ending up with her staying up later and later until she finally pees in her diaper while Walker is trying to get her to sleep.
All this lead to her having a very short fuse this morning. On the way home from the grocery store, she was crying about the fact that other kids would sit in the same cart she had sat in. I told her it was something that was going to happen, we can't change it, and I was wasn't going to argue with her about it.
"Yes! Argue! Argue Mommy! Mommy, Moira argue nooooooooooow!" she wailed. I managed not to laugh or scream, and eventually she moved on to being angry that the new bowl we'd bought her was in the back and I couldn't reach it.
Getting home didn't help. There were meltdowns about a multitude of different things, ending with her wiggling around and not eating, but crying every time I took her food away, and climbing back into her seat but then not eating and crying about having to sit in her chair. Somewhere in there she said "I bad mood, Mommy!" No kidding.
So I declared it nap time. More crying. Crying while diaper change was happening because she wanted to close the curtains NOW! Crying when we were almost done because her pants weren't pulled up yet. Oddly, however, a very calm request for Mimi and Shannie when she realized they weren't in bed yet.
Hopefully she'll have more patience for the world when she wakes up. Hopefully she'll sleep long enough that I'll have more patience for her when she wakes up too.

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  1. I hope she woke up happier. Sometimes my kids wake up and they are in a bad mood for no obvious reason. It can make the day very challenging!