Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Grow kid grow

Cute things the kid does or says:
Taymo (tomato)
Walkahhh's home!
Reading one book while Pearl reads her another one, one page at a time.
Kisses are only for when Mommy and/or Daddy are leaving and bedtime. I tricked her into kissing me before we went to a playdate this morning, by pointing out that I was leaving. If I try to kiss her at any other time she says "No Mommy! No kiss!"
She also repeats almost anything we say, except isotope. Today I got her to say "paramedic." on our way home.
We are reading Charlotte's Web at bedtime, and tonight we were reading the chapter where they pack Wilbur up to take him to the fair. As soon as I mentioned the truck backing up, she started saying "Truck beeps backing up! Beep, beep!"

Not so cute:
No Daddy/Mommy do it (eat that, read that, etc)!
No kids! No kids touch (eat, play, PCC, etc)!

We've decided to hold a hard line about both of those. Both of these have been happening more often, not less. Our new plan is that every time she refuses to share something, the other kid gets to play with that thing. Or we leave, depending on what's more appropriate for the situation. I actually had to pull the car over today because she spent ten minutes telling me that Daddy couldn't do something weird, like come home tonight. I keep telling her that she can be sad about something, but if she won't let me help her feel better, she has to work it out herself. That seems to be lessening the amount of time she spends in the car trying to find things to be sad about in the car, and increasing the amount of time she happily plays.
I'm glad she's expressing her emotions more and more, but I really want to help her express some more of her happy emotions. I've noticed over the last few days that she is more interested in giggling with me, especially after nap when she's nice and rested.

We spent the weekend at a friend's cabin. I have a tendency to say 'no' by default when I'm not 100% sure if something will be fun or not. I'm sure that I'm wrong way more often then not and that we are missing opportunities that are fantastic because I only see the worst case scenario.
Needless to say, we had a great time. Moira played with her friend and enjoyed the new scenery. Walker and I got to relax and be away from our computers. I ran out of battery on my camera and used my phone for the last day.
I'm so glad we went. Thank you again for inviting us, Monica.

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