Thursday, July 22, 2010

Down the Enchanted Parkway

Today Moira had gym and swim class and immediately after, we took her to Wild Waves. Of course the clouds never left the sky and I don't think the temp there broke 70. Much too cold to take a two year old swimming. That worked out well for us, because most of the stuff she could do was in the Enchanted Village. Plus it was less crowded then it normally is due to the weather.
That's Moira, on the Kiddie Coaster. Jerky, fast, and enough of a thrill that teenagers were willing to go on it. Moira LOVED it. I went on it with her first (two to a seat) and on the third trip around the track she whispered to me, "I worried." I asked why, and she said "Stop." I asked if she wanted to stop, or go again with Daddy and she said "Daddy!" When they got off the ride, she was screaming and I was worried that it had been too much, but no, she was angry that Walker had made her get off.
Conked out
We took her on every ride she could go on, and then put on our swim suits. There were three water areas she was allowed to go on. The splash/toddler area scared her, as she hates water spraying her. Next to that was the "Activity Zone" which was for strong swimmers, but the life guard told us we could take her in because she was wearing a flotation device. She enjoyed that a lot more, because she could actually swim and the water was warmer. She was also allowed to go in the hot tubs, and we stuck her in those periodically to warm her up.
We also took her on an inner tube river ride, which she was technically 2" too short for. None of the life guards on this one had the yard sticks most of the attendants had, but two of them asked us if we were 'sure' she was 36", and I lied and said "yes." She was in a double tube with Walker, and I seriously don't think an extra 2" would have made that any safer for her.
Nap time is usually at 1:30 lately, but we got to the park at 12:15. She was having so much fun, we only had one little meltdown, and she got control of herself really quickly when I told her we'd have to leave if she couldn't share the park with all the other kids. We left at almost 4 and she passed out while eating her snack on the way home, and slept for an hour.
I always loved Wild Waves as a kid, and we will be going more when she's older and can do more of the things. I was sad though, to see how poorly maintained it is now. I'm hoping that the Parc Foundation who seems to have bought it from Six Flags will be putting some more money into the maintenance budget. It appears to be a 501c3 organization, so at least we know they aren't in it for the money.

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  1. Wow, it looks like she had a fabulous time! I've never been to Wild Waves, so I'm glad to know that it is Moira-approved. I imagine Evelyn would enjoy it sometime too.