Thursday, June 3, 2010

We went on an adventure today.

To the Burke museum. To get there, I decided to drive to a park and ride and then ride the bus, as Moira is big into buses and trains.
Every time we are in the car or at home, there is a constant stream of chatter from her; as soon as we got on the bus, there was mostly silence. (except when she'd ask for a new snack.) Blessed, blessed silence.
A selection of her conversations with herself today.
On the way to the bus stop: Moira, Mama, Mimi. Moira too, Mama too, Mimi too bus. People bus. Moira, Mama people! Moira, Mama and Mimi are together. Moira will ride school, Mama will ride school, Mimi will ride school bus. People ride the bus. Moira and Mama are people!
More in the car: Moira hi dasses. Moira, Mama hi dasses! Mimi dasses? Too small! Mimi gasses too small! I am wearing my sunglasses. Moira and Mama are wearing their sun glasses. Does Mimi want to wear my sun glasses? They don't fit! Mimi is too small for my sun glass!
After I told her where to look in 'that direction' for our bus: Too bus? Too bus dection! Is that our bus? No, our bus will come from that direction! (points in correct direction)
Playing with her phone on our way to the grocery store: Type, type, type. Ring! Hi Walker! Daddy's home. This is probably obvious. She was texting with her phone, then it 'rang'. I really liked how serious she was about the whole thing.
Moira loved the whole trip. She was a little intimidated by the giant skeletons, but even when she started getting bored and wanted to leave, as soon as we were outside she asked for "More zeum!" We went to the U Book store on our way to the bus and then missed our bus by half a minute (we missed our bus on the way there by less then a minute too), and since I didn't think she'd be a patient waiter again we went and had ice cream.
The person working had brought her 2 year old to work, and she was very interested in Moira. She came and sat with us for awhile and looked at our things and tried to chat with Moira who was having none of that. Then when it was time to leave she insisted on giving us both a hug and a kiss. Moira was not into that either.
We still ended up having to wait awhile, because the phone said the bus arrived seven minutes earlier then the printed schedule and actual arrival time, but Moira had a good time waiting anyway. She was extra wiggly on the way home and kept trying to find a way she could slump in the chair without taking her bum off the seat, without me making her sit back up, but she failed.

Burke museum is highly recommended. We will have to go again when they change their temporary exhibit. I was sad to see that dark room with the glowing rocks was not there anymore, but there was plenty to look at, and it wasn't overwhelmingly large for Moira. The only sad part is that they don't let you take pictures, due to the photo sensitivity of the fossils. We will have to go to Mohai for our next zeum trip. I'm sure she'd love to work in the cannery.


  1. Sounds like a fun day!!

  2. I love the conversations she was having with you. Very cute!