Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Random Tuesday: Moira edition

Moira loves to have me sing the happy birthday song now. She also loves to go the PCC and pick out her free piece of fruit. On our way to pick strawberries today, she started singing, "Happy birthday PCC!" I'm not sure what we should get them.
We have little wild strawberries growing in a few place in our yard. I've been trying to explain to Moira that we eat the red ones, not the green ones. Instead of picking the partly red ones, as most of the young kids at the strawberry patch today were doing, she likes to pick the greenest one she can find. Then she eats it. Then she picks another.
Walker is going to an Iron Maiden concert tonight and Moira is not pleased. So far she has said she's going with him, that he's staying home and she's going with Joe (have fun!) and that she's going by herself. Today she's insisting that Daddy packed a suitcase for the concert, but he'll still be home to put her to bed. She looks at me funny when I tell her neither of those is true.
She 'called' Walker on the phone today and when I asked what he was saying, she said that he's coming home to mow some of the lawn. That sounds much more fun then a silly concert doesn't it?
Moira still doesn't stay asleep for her whole nap. I tried just getting her up when she woke up the first time for awhile, but then she was cranky and she started waking up earlier in her nap. With the new sleep training clock, I've decided to try only playing Plants vs Zombies with her if she stays asleep until the clock is green. It didn't work yesterday, but today I cheated and set the clock to start being green only an hour after she fell asleep. She woke up at her usual time (an hour and a half) and we played for a bit. Now to see if we can get that time to stretch out a bit. If this works, I may try it with night time too.
Bribery is good right?

There's more randomness here. Have fun.


  1. PCC is the best. We love to talk about it too but, so far, no singing to it.

  2. I've used bribery from time to time too! Sometimes you just need to find something -- anything -- that works.

  3. I think it was good to let her have a successful nap and reward even if you cheated a bit. When we did it at night we just walked Simon back to his room repeatedly and showed him that the monkey was still asleep on his clock. He is not much of a fusser tough and he was so tired that he mostly went back to sleep with out complaint. Now if I could just find a way to get him to poop on the potty... he has totally got the peeing part (loves it) but hates to poop on the potty (I wonder if they make some sort of clock for that)