Monday, June 7, 2010

Play time

22: Kitty bus
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I've been feeling uninspired about blogging lately. Most of the reason is an increased creative effort on my part in both playing with Moira and getting projects in my sewing room finished so I can clear up space.
I have a few Moira toys I want to make where the first step was drawing so we spent time last week drawing together. She's also starting to care when I explain what she can and cannot touch in the sewing room, and will happily sit on my lap while I sew for a few minutes. Hopefully I can finish the fishing game while Walker is in Mountain View this week.
I started hiding things in her bean box, and while she understands the concept of closing her eyes so I can hide them, she just puts her fingers on her eyelids and stares at me.
I had set a goal that I had to finish three of the mostly finished quilts in my sewing room before I was allowed to assemble another top. I finished them this weekend, but I also got two more tops assembled while I was putting off the hand sewing. It's amazing how much faster that goes if you do if you are chatting to friends while you do it.
I've been thinking of starting a separate blog for quilting stuff, but I can't decide if I want to do it without having a name for it. Maybe the fact that I can't think of a name is a sign that I shouldn't? I'm bad at naming things though. Moira's lucky I managed to come up with anything.
Anyway. I was telling pearl the part about needing a name and she told me that awhile ago I had a tagline that showed up on the profile of some website and it was something about mixing patterns. I have no idea what she is referring to, and neither does she. I'm glad she could be so helpful.
So, do you have any suggestions?

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