Thursday, June 10, 2010

Moira DOESN'T recommend

Moira hasn't really been into reading lately. Preferring instead to do more imaginative play and also to try and convince me to play Plants vs Zombies with her. She is really into The Cat in the Hat by Dr Seuss, at bedtime. She's so in to it right now that when we were talking to Walker this morning and we told her he would be home in time to put her to bed tonight, her first response was "Hat?"
Anyway. She has her first recommendation for a book you shouldn't read. Goodnight Bush by Erich Origen. My parents have a copy and the last time she was over there, they read it to her. The next time she asked for Goodnight Moon, when she saw the cover she started crying "No night Bush!" She is still bringing it up occasionally, completely unprovoked. Sorry, Nain and Grumpy, she's just not ready for political satire yet.


  1. I remember that there was a period of time when Alice wasn't very interested in books too. It didn't last very long. At bedtime she now likes to pick out the longest book she can find.

  2. And we were going to introduce her to the Quotations From Chairman LBJ this weekend! What are we going to do?