Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Just another sunny day

A beautiful summer day in Seattle
We have had a remarkably wet summer so far. It balances out the big stretches of warm, sunny weather we had in Spring. Today was impressively manic with torrential downpours and then beautiful blue skies for a few minutes and then more rain.
Shortly after nap, I noticed that the sky was blue again and suggested to Moira that we go get the mail. By the time she decided that was a good idea, the sky was grey, so we started collecting boots and rain coats. By the time we got outside it was pouring buckets. Moira stopped right here and watched me go the rest of the way while she told me the rain was 'Owie.'
So much fun.
She didn't want to come back inside when I got back though. I let her take her time and she discovered the downspout on our porch. Moira is really into playing with water lately, especially holding her hand under running water, so this was great fun. When she noticed her glove was (gasp!) wet, I was able to convince her to come back inside. We were both soaked. Who needs a water wall when we have unseasonable rain?

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  1. Evelyn loves the photo of Moira's mittened hand under the water!