Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I'm proud too, kid

We went to the zoo today. When we were a quarter of a mile away, Moira said "I don't see the zoo! Hmmmmm...."
"We'll have to keep looking," I said.
"Keep eyes open, look for zoo," said Moira. Then she was quiet for awhile.
When we got to the entrance to the back of Woodland park (which is against the back of the zoo.) she suddenly proclaimed "I see zoo!" and pointed. Then, "I proud."
"You're proud that you found the zoo?"

Moira outlasted the other kids we met at the zoo, which is a first. As I was tricking her into heading towards the exit, we passed a game they had set up. You took a card with an animal's picture on the front and on the back was a pictorial shopping list of the things that animal eats. Then you went shopping through their (pretend food) farmer's market. There were a couple of different levels they had set up so that kids of all ages could play which was nice. Moira just grabbed stuff and I tried to direct her to only get things on the list, but the older kids had money and were supposed to pay attention to how local and sustainable different things were. I forgot how much more interactive the zoo is during the summer.

She's figuring out emotions lately. She's got the hang of sad, worried, sick, hungry, happy and apparently, proud. I blame worried on the Paddington's feelings book. I've been encouraging disappointed, thirsty, hungry and tired, but they aren't eally things she's worried about communicating in anything other then a full tilt screech yet. That's fine, we'll get there.

She is still convinced that food is always hot, cold or spicy. I can't get her to understand the concept warm yet, which is silly.


  1. Love the "full tilt screech." :) Sounds like she had a great day!

  2. Its so awesome when they start using words for emotions! (and then so frustrating when they back track to whining and screeching . . .). Love her walk and little shirt in the picture.