Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Evelyn's big day

Evelyn's big day
Yesterday, we had the pleasure of playing with our friend Evelyn while her mother and father were a little busy. It was such a joy to watch the two girls learn from, encourage, and take care of each other. In addition to general play they made art, played with play dough, had snacks, took a walk, picked flowers, threw rocks, hugged, played with bubbles, pretended to sleep, jumped on the bed and sang songs, all in the three hours between our arrival at home and Walker's getting home from work.
I only had to remind them not to throw rocks at each other once. The only other accidents were from overly enthusiastic hugs and hand holding. We generally discourage jumping on the bed, but as soon as I would convince one of them to stop, the other would start, so I decided in this case, they were right and this was the best activity.
Evelyn was never worried. Mom and Dad have been getting her ready for today for awhile, and every time she got a little concerned, all I had to do was remind her that baby brother was coming. She even got a little annoyed when we heard the garage door open and Moira started shouting "Daddy!" because she thought it might be HER Daddy and that would mean she didn't get to take a bath with Moira.
Not that she ended up getting a bath here. While I made dinner, Walker read stories, spun them on my desk chair and they played with Moira's new doll house furniture. Moira kept a careful eye on Evelyn's progress during dinner and every time it looked like Evelyn was done, Moira would try to jump down so they could get back to playing.
We decided to take them out to Peaks for dessert. It took a little too long for poor Moira, after the busy weekend where bedtime was delayed for hours past normal both nights and no nap that day. She started screaming because we didn't let her climb into her carseat by herself, which in Lindsey's mini van was not physically possible for her. We eventually calmed her down by playing Raffi on Walker's cell phone. Less then a minute later, both girls were asleep.
They did not stay asleep when we tried to get them into the house, but we decided that meant no bath time tonight. Instead we had stories, and right when I was trying to see if Evelyn was really going to be willing to sleep at our house (she loved the idea of a pajama party, but I don't know if she actually knew what that was), we got the message that Henry was born. It took me three tries to get everything out of the house into the car, which meant that I kept waking Moira up as I ran back in for the things I'd forgotten.
I will leave you with some videos. (I took a lot of videos, children playing together is irresistible to me.)

The Wheels on the Bus


Playing tag


  1. It sounds like the girls played very well together. :) What a sweet blog entry!

  2. These videos are fabulous! It is so, so wonderful to know that Evelyn was having such a great day. I can't thank you enough.