Monday, June 28, 2010

Daddy love

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A couple of weeks ago, Moira started asking us to "Pick you up!" whenever she wanted to be held. I thought it was cute, but Walker decided she should get the grammar right and so now she says it right.
They spent a couple of hours over the weekend mowing the lawn. Before they went outside she told me, "I worried." About the noise the lawnmower makes apparently. But it wasn't enough to make her stay inside with me.
We spend much of the day during the week talking about where Daddy is. Daddy is at Google. Daddy come home soon. Tomorrow Daddy stay home. When I asked her if she wanted to go to the farmer's market with me, she said yes, but only if Daddy came with and pushed her in the stroller. I love this Daddy love, and think it's very cute, but I'm sure it's wearing a bit, since I remember how hard it was when everything was all about me.

Today didn't start so well. Moira woke up crying and continued to be sad about everything. We missed my appointment with the chiropractor but made it in time for her to get two shots. She actually handled the shots pretty well, after a few minutes deciding that we should go to gym class and stopping crying. Sadly, I forgot that gym class is closed this week, so there were some tears about that. The afternoon seems to be working out better for both of us.

On the way to the Dr's office, she asked for her wallet, which was lying on the floor of the car. When I gave it to her, she announced that she was getting her card (an expired Passport dining card) out and she was going to "Pay card two Dr's office!" As soon as we walked in to the clinic, she handed her card to the receptionist. She'll be very sad when she finds out that Dr McKracken doesn't actually take cards. I reminded her after she started to calm down post shot and she handed it to Dr Zorin too, who immediately went over to run the card through her machine and then got confused when it didn't actually work.


  1. I'm sorry that you had a rough day! I get the endless questions about daddy when my husband is at work too. It's very sweet, but it's hard when he's not around and they want him.

  2. I just found out why she wants him to put her to bed all the time. He's been letting her watch videos and games on his phone. No wonder it's taking an hour and a half to get her to fall asleep.