Monday, May 10, 2010

You say it's your birthday. It's my birthday too, yeah.

Beware, this post contains a boatload of pictures.

We turned our old coffee table (which I hated) into a train table for Moira's birthday with a small amount of wood trim and a bunch of paint. The bright green is leftover wall paint from my sewing room, the rest of the colors are acrylic or craft paint. I didn't manage to seal it before Moira started playing with it, and now the mountain needs some touch up, but that's okay. We were originally going to buy her some Nuchi trains which are non branded and they have flower and animal shaped trains. Instead, my neighbor called from a garage sale asking if we wanted a giant box of trains for only $40. I sorted through it and we kept only the trains without faces. That was less then half of the trains, and way more then enough. We also kept only half of the track, although it hasn't actually left the house, so we may look through it for more sharp curves. Moira loves it, enough that for the first time ever she played by herself for a few minutes while we tried to get a few more sleeps on Friday morning.
Are you sure they aren't here?
Her birthday party was a smash hit. All my concerns about her not sharing well were completely unfounded. She didn't even complain when other kids took something right out of her hands. After we pulled out the balloons, her friend Will suggested we should have a balloon parade, so we went out to see the horses, chickens and pigeons. Will was a little surprised that there wasn't a full farm tucked in at the end of my street, but he dealt with the disappointment well. Surprisingly, only one balloon was lost, and we had an extra to replace it.
I didn't try the dress I made for Moira's birthday on for a fitting, because I didn't want to cause screeching when I took it back. Big mistake. I always forget when I am serging things that I need to account for the rest of the seam allowances on the commercial pattern. So this was comically big, like maybe a size 4 instead of a 2. We eventually convinced her to let me fix it so she could wear it for the party and simply stitched the side seams in about 1/2" each. Then it was only a little too big. I will probably undo that and just bring it back out when she is the right size, rather then unpick the whole thing. I love the bias binding I used. Thank you Sika for talking me into the bright blue instead of the dark green. The fabric is the frogs on lily pads from Heather Ross' Far Far Away line. It's double gauze, and I've read a lot about people having trouble sewing with it, but I thought it was lovely to work with, but then, I like sewing organza too, so I may just be weird. The pattern is Butterick 4434. I was going to do a double skirt, but I didn't have enough fabric.
Me do it!
We had a small Mother's day brunch (of pizza, yum) with my parents, my sister and her husband. Moira loved all of her presents so very much. Her absolute favorite is probably the porcelain tea set from Pickle and Emily. She spent a good ten minutes serving tea to everyone and didn't want to put it down even to look at the brand new trike that suddenly appeared in the living room. She's also very interested in the bubble machine from her friend Jenna, but we haven't tried it out yet. We were going to try it today, but it's not bubble weather. We ended the party with Mom, Mika, Moira and I going downstairs to show Mom Beatles Rock Band. Moira excitedly sat on her Nain's lap saying "Rock Band!" and clapping along with the music while Mika and I tried to harmonize. We ended our set with "Birthday" which seemed the most appropriate song for the occasion.
Let's race
Walker and Moira took a three hour nap after the family left, and I spent some quiet time scanning pictures in. When they woke up, we went for a bike ride. Moira was so proud to be riding her bike, just like Daddy, and kept carefully watching to see how he pedaled. She also kept talking about his helmet, and I think they are going to pick one up today. We shall see.
Today is my birthday. Walker is taking Moira to gym class this morning and then to downtown Seattle for chocolates and/or lunch with his friend. I have a chiropractic appointment with a friend and will putter around the house. Then I hear Walker is taking me out for steak.

Today is also the start of Kids Clothes Week at Elise Marley and I'm all ready for that. I have a bunch of summer shirts and dresses for Moira and very few appropriate bottoms, so on Saturday I cut out a stack of shorts and bloomers. Every day this week, I hope to get an hour or sew of sewing on these done, and then she will be set for summer. It should be fun, I'm planning different details for each of them, and I found some fun butterfly batik I had forgotten about that works perfectly with one of the shirts.
Moira at 24 monthsFinally, this is Moira's last monthly picture. Discussions are still ongoing for how often we will continue to take her picture in this chair with this bunny.
Moira at 1 year old
Last year, on her birthday.
Moira & piglet
The very first one of these, at one month old.


  1. Looks like birthday fun was had by all!! Love the comparison pics☺

  2. It sounds like Moira's big day was fabulous from start to finish, how lovely! And happy birthday to both of you :)