Sunday, May 23, 2010

TIme to go

Cool baby
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Moira has reached the phase where she is talking all the time without stop. When she's happy there's a bunch of babbling about everything she sees and hears. When she's tired and bored (usually in the car) there's a constant stream of crying about things she can't have right that second.
She's also started insisting on nursing more frequently. Not that she's letting that stop her from talking all the time. She likes to let me know when the milk suddenly turns into juice. I don't mind the talking all the time, but I was really ready to stop nursing completely, rather then suddenly quadruple the time we spend on the couch. It's probably just a developmental growth spurt and it will pass. I can't really mind too much because she gets so excited when I say yes, and she's so polite when she asks.
She is insisting on 'driving' the car every time we come home lately. Occasionally I'll get in the car after she's played in there and it's cleaner then when she started. After nap today Walker took her into his S200 and let her play with the key in the ignition and the roof down. Lucky kid.

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