Wednesday, May 5, 2010


It's two days to Moira's birthday, and the house hasn't been this tidy since Christmas. And that's before pearl comes over to help me clean tomorrow. We are slobs.
When we got back from New York, we decided it was time to push the morning nurse forward from 5am to 6:30 (or later) as Moira was starting to not go back to sleep totally, and she and I were both tired and grumpy all morning. The shift has happened pretty painlessly, and now whens she wakes up and realizes it's light outside, she climbs out of her bed, opens her door, closes her door, opens our door, closes our door. Then she says "Hi Mommy!" and walks over to Walker's side of the bed to ask for up. I'm not sure why she goes to Walker's side instead of mine, although maybe she's just not used to the fact that the bed isn't pushed against the wall anymore. When she sees me she giggles and announces "I get (to) drink booboos!" and then there is snuggling. It's working pretty well for us I think.
I am disappointed that she calls nursing "booboos" instead of "nom noms" but you can't have everything.
She wore her Iron Maiden (Ionmain!) shirt over the weekend, and she has asked to wear it every day this week. We looked through the laundry for it, but it's still dirty, and she was willing to accept one of the shirts I made her as a substitute yesterday. It's in the dryer now. We will let her wear it on her birthday. She wore it to Jenna's party, so maybe it should be the party shirt?
She was asking for something I had, and I said it was mine, but she could have it if she wanted. She said "No Moira, Mommy Moira. No Mommy Moira." And walked off grinning and shaking her head. It's hard not to laugh at things like that.
I've been trying to prepare her for her birthday party. Friends are coming! We will play! I told her who was probably coming and she started saying "No babies!" Now every time I mention her birthday she says "No babies!" I actually think she was just upset about Jahleel coming over, as he came to play a few months ago and she had extra trouble sharing with him then. She has never reacted to another kid that way, so I'm not sure what the problem is. She also didn't have a problem playing with him when we went to his house a few weeks ago. I just found out that they can't make it to the party, so I guess we'll find out if that's the problem. She'll have to get used to him eventually. His mother is helping me with the yard.
I finally broke down and bought gluten free bread. She could not be more excited about having bread for her after months of me telling her no to all bread products. I love that the slices are perfectly sized for a toddler sandwich. Today we had grilled cheese, and she was so pleased she didn't even notice that my sandwich had ketchup on it and hers didn't.


  1. Hooray for gluten-free bread (was it Udi?)

  2. Jenna is so excited for Moira's birthday party! She keeps telling me about Moira's birthday, the present we got for Moira, how it will make Moira happy, the cake she hopes Moira will have for her, how it will make Jenna happy...