Saturday, May 15, 2010


6: Ruffle
I'm just showing off a detail shot of these. They are white cotton bloomers, and pretty boring on their own, but I love how the ribbon trim I added turned out. These are to go with a sun dress from Gymboree with apples on it and the green thread I used on the jean shorts two days ago is the perfect match to the leaves on the apples. Plus it was still in my machine, so it was meant to be. The rest of the top stitching is done in white since I don't think there was enough of the green left in the bottom to do it all. I might do some more sewing tonight, but probably not.
Moar fabric!
Remember how I said I was just using supplies I already had for this challenge? Today while I was out running errands (give old car seat to friend who will take it to the recycling event, exchange rental car for Subaru, get groceries) I realized I was only 2 minutes from the Bellevue Pacific Fabrics, so I stopped by to see if they had the crinkle cotton Pearl saw at the Puyallup location. They did, but not in the color I wanted. But I found these cotton knits on the flat fold table and they were so cute. The stripes should work perfectly with the dress Sika is knitting Moira. Most of these are under a yard, but it's probably still more fabric then I used up this week. Oh well. I have exact plans for everything in this pile, and I might actually manage to make those things, you never know.
To make up for it, I did some organizing in my sewing room. Most of the knits are now in bins together (not folded or color coordinated or anything though, heaven forbid) and I found some more fabric and half finished projects that I no longer want to keep. It all evens out I guess.
I kind of want to go back and buy the purple stripe I left there. That would be bad right?

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