Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 4 and the end of the plants.

100. Tatsoi
Already knew: Tatsoi is a kind of Bok Choi. Most of what I got from Cascadian Edibles appears to have bolted already. One of them is over a foot tall now, but all the leaves are teeny tiny. This one is the one that seems to be relatively happy.
Recently learned: It's also called spoon mustard or rosette bok choi. The leaves are smaller in proportion to the stems then bok choi. It is usually eaten raw, but can withstand a short period of cooking.
Jean shorts
I made these shorts to go with this dress that Pickle made for Moira's birthday last year. It still fits, it's just very short now. I was planning on making little bloomers, but I decided that the lace would peek out under the dress better if I left them as shorts. I used bright green thread for the top stitching.

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